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This Privacy Policy and Disclaimer sets forth the policies of Five By Five Capital, LLC (“Five By Five Capital”) with respect to the activities of Five By Five Capital through this web site (the “Site”) or other forms of communication. These policies may be changed at any time.

Five By Five Capital will not disclose, without a persons and/or entities prior permission, any information regarding, except, unless, and until, specifically requested or ordered to do so by a court or agency of competent jurisdiction which request or order we believe we are legally obliged to comply with, in which case, we will promptly notify the persons and/or entity of the request or order and the court or agency issuing the request or order. In addition, Five By Five Capital will promptly advise the persons and/or entity of the specific information, if any, disclosed and when and to whom that information was disclosed.

Five By Five Capital will provide persons and/or entities with our opinions and advice based on our knowledge and experience and on our review of the information available to us. We cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any opinions, projection or information expressed.